Let’s hop into your Delorean and travel back in time… not too far, just a couple of months.

Back to when you set your goals for 2022 at the beginning of the year.

What does you from two months ago think about how much present-day you has accomplished so far this year?

Are you happy and excited about your progress?

Or are you thinking, “Oye, here we go again.”

Either way, it’s time to turn that Delorean around and come back to the preset… because it’s time to:



If you’re happy with how things are going, that’s awesome.

But if you’re NOT (like the majority of people)… it’s definitely NOT too late to get back on track.

Question #1: Ask yourself: What happened?

  • Did you lose steam because you weren’t getting the results fast enough?
  • Because it took too much time?
  • Because you missed a workout or ate some “bad” food, and threw in the towel?
  • Because you lost interest?
  • Because you didn’t have enough support around you to keep you accountable and motivated?
  • Or is what you’re doing just not working?

If you think about this the right way, it’s an opportunity in disguise. This is because reflection gives you the chance to get to the ROOT of an issue.

When you practice self-reflection – and you keep it honest – you get to know yourself a lot better.

This way you can pick up on triggers or tendencies that derail your progress … and you can make different decisions next time around.


Which leads me to:

Question #2: What can I do to overcome _____ (whatever your answer was in question 1)? (And then DO it.)

This is why so many successful people decide to hire a COACH to help them reach their goals – even coaches (like me!) work with coaches.

A coach can create a plan for you and your lifestyle to fast-track success … so you don’t have to go through the pains of figuring it out on your own.

Not only that, but they will be there every step of the way to help support you and hold you accountable …

So that even if you fall off track, you get RIGHT back on so you can crush your goals.

If you’ve fallen off track with your New Year goals, but you’re NOT ready to throw in towel … and you want to finally make your goals a reality, LET’S DO THIS! Schedule a FREE Consultation today!